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TANKSpace Design Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based Interior Architecture Design Practice founded by Sherman CHEUNG. Yin HO who worked in OMA over four years (2010-2015); joined TANKS as a Design Associate to lead the design team in Mid-2018.


TANKS aims to provide responsive, imaginative and professional design and project management service, tailored to aspiration of each of our clients, and to deliver quality results regardless of commission size or types. 


We encourage our team to develop sustainable design solutions which fulfil the expectations of building users, address their physical and cultural context, through the complex design research of the projects. Researching of the project programmes, contexts, business strategies, and materiality defined a better understanding of the design scopes, as well as the concepts to drive the projects.


Our project management service includes collaborating with builders, suppliers, and all other technical expertise, to allow effective design solutions for procurement and construction, meanwhile to meet the design budget.


We have completed a few quality Office, Food & Beverage interior design projects. Our services extend from Interior Design, F&B License and Project Management Consultant providing strategic services projects from inception to completion.



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